Photography for Chalet Dental

Chalet Dental clinic has a unique open atmosphere that can only be described as, well, chalet-like! In addition to decor shots, we staged an actress to convey the feeling of pride that clients come away with for their new, winning smiles. Check out the website that we created for them….

Photography for Fighting Iris Florist

Fighting Iris Florist

Fighting Iris Florist is a beautiful, contemporary shop near the grounds of the Minnesota State Fair. We had the privelege of doing an on-location photo shoot to capture some of that beauty (too bad we can’t do fragrances on the web) and used an actress to convey the store’s warm feeling customer service and personal attention.

Photography for Cullinz Creek Catalog

Photography for Cullinz Creek Catalog
FrozenBlues provided studio photography for both model shots and individual product shots for jacket maker Cullinz Creek, appearing in their print catalog as well as online (website developed by us as well).

Heimies Haberdashery: Photography, Website

Heimies Haberdashery

On-location photography for Heimies Haberdashery website, and complete website design and production. You have to see this store to believe it — in downtown St. Paul, owner Anthony Andler has recreated a turn-of-the century gentlemen’s tailor shop feel, complete with barber section.

Photography, Website for Artist Mercantile

Artist Mercantile Storefront

Photography and splash page for website of one of a pair of downtown St. Paul stores formerly under same management (see also Heimie’s Haberdashery). The store was recently sold and website no longer available.

Dunn Bros St. Paul / Northwest Opticians

Dunn Bros - Northwest Opticians

Combined website for Dunn Bros Downtown Saint Paul and Northwest Opticians (, This project included an on-location photo shoot (with actors portraying customers, along with a couple of walk-ons in uniform!) an in graphics, a huge branding challenge to coordinate a pair of unrelated businesses.

Dunn Bros MPLS Lakes

Dunn Bros Lakes

Photography and website (including custom PHP / MySQL online catalog and Ecommerce) for a pair of Dunn Bros franchise locations (now under new ownership, website no longer available).

Old Town Services

Old Town Services Garden Classics

We made an intentionally very basic, plywood garden furniture product (whimsically named “Made to Rot” by the owner) look amazingly good - perhaps too good! The key to these photos was set decoration by an interior designer and natural-background photography. (Sorry, this product no longer available on the market!)