Complete Web Development Services

Dreamweaver LogoFrozenBlues offers complete web development services, from marketing strategy, through concept, graphic design, photography, writing copy, programming, hosting, and tactical marketing. Whether your project is very basic and requires a subset of these resources, or more advanced and making use of many or all, we have your needs covered.

  • Bold Design. Check out our portfolio, and you will see the instant positive impact good design can make.
  • Market Savvy. More than just marketing tactics for driving traffic, we work with you from the start to define strategic goals for your site, such as the unique value areas of your product or service to be brought out, and whom your target market is and how to play to them.
  • Techie Know-How. Behind the scenes, your site needs programming and hosting to make it function. With advanced PHP / MySQL and Linux skills we are able to make your goals happen, from online catalogs and Ecommerce to customized WordPress blogs, to dynamic Flash, we’ve got the beef!